Tungkol sa mga hayop

May ugaling maganda, at syempre may pangit din.

Tungkol sa mga hayop

Puwede ninyo i-resuce yung mga kawawang aso sa pound? PAWS would like to clarify the following: Your LGU local government unitCity Pound or City Vet Office is responsible for animal control concerns and for rounding up strays and free-roaming pets pursuant to RA The Anti Rabies Act in the streets and impounding them in the interest of public health and safety.

This is a reactive response to the stray problem. In performing animal control duties, animal welfare principles must still be taken into account -- meaning, all actions towards the animals should be humane and legal according to RA The Animal Welfare Act.

The city pound is also the only facility that accepts unwanted pets. Yes, impounded animals are to be humanely euthanized when unclaimed or not adopted after a holding period of a few days.

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The pound is not a shelter - the pound is not meant to care for impounded animals long term. The most humane method of euthanasia is through the use of barbiturates after full sedation, administered by S2 licensed vets.

Tambucho-gassing and poisoning is not legal and is a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. Holding periods and euthanasia are in place in city pounds because of their limited resources such as budget and space to responsibly care for the impounded dogs long term.

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Technically, it is not the city pound's responsibility or job to temporarily care for an owned pet until the owner finds it convenient to claim his pet. As for the stray dogs, do you know of anyone who has adopted from the pound? Have you adopted from the pound yourself?

Let us say, for example, the capacity of the a certain pound is 30 dogs. They catch 5 dogs a week.

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In less than 2 months, without anyone adopting, the pound would be full. Where would one put the next batch of strays caught the succeeding weeks?

Would it be ok to overcrowd the pound and sacrifice the food rations considering the budget the city vet has and allow the dogs to die on their own of starvation or because they're so cramped in the cages that they fight among themselves and sustain fatal injuries?

Dying a slow death in the pound because of lack of nutrition and vet care is worse than being euthanized. What is the solution to strays and preventing them from being impounded and euthanized?

There would be no dogs to catch, impound and euthanize if they were not out on the streets in the first place. Irresponsible pet ownership includes allowing one's pet to leave the home and roam around freely in the streets and public areas.

PAWS exerts efforts in addressing the root of the problem by taking preventive measures.


Animal Welfare takes preventive steps to curb the problem of strays. We are not aware of any local animal welfare group who has announced that they can "take in all strays" or that they can "take in all strays in need of help".

In truth, all strays are in need of help at one point or another - food, shelter, medical care. If you are aware of such group, please let us know so we can refer cases to them.tungkol sa isang pangngalan (tao, bagay, hayop, lugar, atbp.) o panghalip sa pangungusap. o pakiramdam ng tao o hayop.

Mga halimbawa ng pang-uring panlarawan (may salungguhit ang pangngalan na inilalarawan ng pang-uri): Tanggapin mo sana ang aking munting regalo.

Sa reports tungkol sa mga strays in need of assistance - nag-o-offer ang PAWS ng medical assistance sa aming clinic basta't ang reporters/good Samaritans ay payag rin mag foster (pansamantalang pag-kupkop) o maghanap ng fosterers para sa hayop na kanilang nirereport.

Sa gubat matalibugho may isang ibong nagngangalang Maya. Si Maya ay isang ibong maya.

Tungkol sa mga hayop

Isang araw habang lumilipad sa kakahuyan ay may narinig syang malakas na tinig "heeeeeeeeeeeeaaah! heeeeeeeeeeeeaaah!" Pinakinggan niyang mabuti ang tunog "heeeeeeeeeeeeaaah! heeeeeeeeeeeeaaah!" at nakita ni Maya si Agila na nakasabit sa patibong ng mga mangangaso.

“at ang buong lupa'y nanggilalas sa hayop” – Dahil sa mga aral ng mga relihiyon tungkol sa mga himala at muling pagkabuhay ni Jesus; ang mga tao nga sa buong mundo ay nagsisunod o nagsisampalataya sa kanila sa loob ng dalawang libong taon.

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