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Human antithesis void of silence blogspot

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Students would do well to familiarize themselves with the ideas set forth in this short document.

Read on for more. Crowley describes the path of initiation in this essay as a succession of question marks and exclamation points. But the unexamined life is not worth living.

Of course, it is only a matter of time before one realizes that this answer, too, is susceptible to doubt: Now, one thinks, I have really found The Answer.


And yet, before long, the questions begin pouring in again…. And so on and so forth. We might conceive of this process by imagining an aspirant moving up the Tree of Life on the path to attainment.

Each sephiroth can be considered to represent a level of understanding, and entry into each one might constitute an eureka moment. In the next three sections, he examines the exclamation point, showing how realization can assert itself as a practical revelation in the face of the crumbling of all knowledge at the hands of the hunchback doubt.

He discusses this realization primarily in terms of Samadhi, a trance experience that can be induced through yoga techniques. This realization is characterized by a feeling of rapturous union produced by clear perception of reality without the distorting influences of the mind.

In the final section, he shows that the soldier and hunchback are, in fact, identical. Just as each mark of punctuation is essentially the same, with only minor differences in appearance one line curved and the other straightso too does Crowley assert that doubt and revelation are ultimately identical.

The two modes of experience pass through the mind with increasing rapidity until they become virtually interchangeable, allowing the aspirant to bypass these phantoms and access his or her True Will, which dwells beyond beneath these mental phantasmagoria.

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We will cover each of these sections in turn. He opens by defining skepticism, and he includes a great snide potshot at Christianity and, by extension, all religion: The word means looking, questioning, investigating.

One must pass by contemptuously the Christian liar's gloss which interprets "sceptic" as "mocker"; though in a sense it is true for him, since to inquire into Christianity is assuredly to mock at it.

Crowley begins this section of the essay by defining skepticism as active and virile, investigative and not merely naysaying: I do not regard mere incredulity as necessary to the idea, though credulity is incompatible with it. Incredulity implies a prejudice in favour of a negative conclusion; and the true sceptic should be perfectly unbiassed.

You may write x for y in your equations, so long as you consistently write y for x. They remain unchanged — and unsolved. Is not all our "knowledge" an example of this fallacy of writing one unknown for another, and then crowing like Peter's cock?

Crowley, however, points out a circularity in drawing the conclusion that thought exists: Cogitatur depends on the proposition A is A, the law of identity. A thing is always equal to itself. Yet, A is A is itself a thought.

So, Crowley concludes, we have a circular argument in which our demonstration that thought exists begins from the assumption that thought exists. I actually think Crowley is incorrect to suggest that logical absolutes, like the law of identity, are thoughts In section IV, Crowley tries to make a formal syllogism of the argument to show that Negatur implies that thought exists.

Rearranging the order to clarify the major and minor premises:The silence of the image, which requires (or should require!) no commentary. But the silence, too, of the object, which it wrests from the deafening hurly-burly of the real world.

Human antithesis void of silence blogspot

Whatever the noise and the violence around them, photographs return objects to a state of stillness and silence.

lacan with wittgenstein 3 As for the analytic discourse, it is distinguished by advancing into this field in a way that is distinct from what is, I would say, found embodied in Wittgenstein’s discourse, that is, a psychotic ferocity, in comparison with which Ockham’s well-known razor, which states that we must admit only notions that are.

Dec 21,  · Ontological thought rather results in a conceptual void or silence in discourse. Like the empty, bright spot in the forest makes – by way of contrast – the dark, dense forest all the more present, so the silent void in which ontological thinking results makes the experience of .

author: anon Image: Board-Walk Trudging on Life's Journey 11 of 12 given words: blind mind world eyes music blood fluid view ice sun astral (pertaining to or proceeding from the stars; stellar) blind to any assigned purpose the mind locked but to a chosen path. Human Antithesis by Void of Silence, released 27 January 1.

Human Antithesis 2. Grey Horizon (M.P.H. MMIV) 3. Untitled 4. To a Sickly Child 5. Dark Static Moments 6.

CXVIII the third album from the Legendary Funeral Doom band from Rome. My Dream University, the Mind-Body-Spirit University, where there is no clear cut demarcation of boundaries between various forms of physical, intellectual and psychological life, between science, arts, and religion, between the conscious and the subconscious mind, between the logic and the intuitive mind, between the rational and the mystical.

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