How to write a lost report letter

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How to write a lost report letter

It's also evidence of your registration in accordance with United States immigration laws. If you travel outside the United States, you are required to have your green card with you in order to enter the United States, or even board the plane going to the United States.

If your green card is either lost or stolen while traveling to a foreign country including your country of citizenshipyou should take the following steps for an entry back into United States: Get a copy of the police report that you filed.

Publish a classified advertisement in the local daily newspaper and carry the receipt of the payment. Also, buy the newspaper next day and keep it with you. Go to the nearest US embassy or consulate and apply for the "transportation letter".

As soon as you enter into the United States with transportation letter, you should file an application to Replace Green Card. Transportation Letter If your "green card" is lost or stolen, you may be able to obtain a "transportation letter" valid for one month authorizing a transportation line such as airline to carry you to the United States without penalty.

In order to apply for transportation letter, you require following: A completed form I A valid passport Evidence of the most recent date of departure from the United States, such as boarding passes from the airline.

Evidence of legal permanent resident LPR Status, such as a copy of front and back of permanent resident card.

how to write a lost report letter

A police report regarding the loss of the green card. Detailed explanation specifying why you don't have your green card with you.

how to write a lost report letter

Can be paid in equivalent local currency in the country where you are where your green card was lost. Can be paid by demand draft in Rupees in India.

Fee details The fee is non-refundable even if the application is denied. The process takes several days in order to confirm an applicant's LPR status with other offices. All transportation letters issued are valid for 15 days.

If you fail to travel within the day window, you will have to pay all the fees again and obtain a new letter.

No other non-immigrant visa is available in lieu of "transportation letter".A simple solution to complain about lost mobile write a complaint letter and submit to the nearest police station. The basic requirements for complaint letter- following details against lost or stolen mobile-The name of the owner of the lost mobile phone.

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