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Lack of educational policies: Lack of attention of the authorities: Lack of uniform educational system:

Extended essay forums

Proudly telling the world about our curricula in our 50th anniversary year By Robin Julian Writing a 4,word research essay in the last year of high school is a remarkable accomplishment for many reasons. But how valuable is it really?

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We completed some research of our own with almost DP graduates to find out more. The extended essay is highly regarded as a tool to help IB Diploma Programme DP students learn the critical thinking skills and processes associated with carrying out research, enabling them to move more comfortably into the realm of universities, colleges and careers.

But in a time where search engines can respond in an instant and with increasing credibility, to just about any question you can dream up, can the process of conducting research still be considered as something that really matters?

Perhaps a dry description, but it gives context to the efforts of students and their supervisors, who then bring the extended essay to life.

Extended essay forums

While statistics can tell us an interesting story, giving them a personal context enhances their interpretation. Bearing in mind that the aims of the extended essay are for students to: Struggle with other DP workload?


In other forums, students have described their struggle with managing the extended essay in conjunction with their other DP responsibilities and requirements, but alumni who participated in this survey, and with the benefit of hindsight, expressed a positive experience.

One respondent emphasised the importance of being supported in this endeavour by the presence of a well-designed extended essay schedule. How will we use this research? Of course, as pleasing as this data is, there is room for improvement. Overall feedback from our alumni affirms the view that the extended essay adds great value to the IB Diploma experience.This need for introducing such a way forward, building on its importance from a range of views of the maryland business education paradigm enhancing education, assessment, and those who performed it in the project and impact of digital video research efforts.

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A grade 9/ top band essay that compares the presentation of place in 'The Emigree' and 'London'. The extended essay should be written in a clear, correct and formal academic style, appropriate to the subject from which the topic is drawn. Given that the extended essay is a formally written research paper, it should strive to maintain a .

Aug 03,  · I only have about a week now before I have to hand in my extended essay idea. I wanted to do something in Forensic Science but that doesn't really fit into the criteria.

I am thinking of maybe doing sometihnga bout the fungus involved in the salem witch trials and how forensic science was used to determine the fungus's effect.

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