Essay on search strategy

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Essay on search strategy

A search for articles and journals are carried out using the keywords and the process can bring out hundreds journal articles. Objective of the paper is to investigate the search strategy for the journal articles in the CINAHL database using the relevant keywords.

The keywords used to carry out the search are as follows: The paper can limit the search using the publication date, which can be narrowed between and The benefit of this approach is to identify the recent articles published within the specific date. The shortcoming of the approach is that the researcher may be unable to have access to wider publication.

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However, the use of AND for a search can assist in broadening the search results. Royal College of Nursing, A critical appraisal is the strategy of systematically assessing and interpreting a research study. In other words, the critical appraisal is an evidence-based practice that assists a researcher to determine whether the results of a study are reliable.

The strategy used to perform the critical appraisal for my selected topic is by carrying out a systematic review, Randomized Controlled Trials, and Cross-sectional Analyses of the past studies to identify the quality study.

The critical appraisal also assists in determining whether the study is valid. More importantly, the critical appraisal assists in assessing the quality of a research evidence, which assists in making a decision whether a research is good enough.

This paper uses the statistical test using quantitative technique to carry out the critical appraisal of the "Hourly nursing rounding help reduce fall, pressure ulcer, call light use and contribute to rise in patient satisfaction base of evidence base practice.

The paper will use the descriptive statistics to describe the basic features of the collected data and summarize the data in a manageable form.

Moreover, the study uses the weighted mean, Confidence intervals and P- values as statistical values to carry out the critical appraisal for the research topic.

The paper also uses the inferential statistics to reach the research conclusion.

Essay on search strategy

The planning, communication and support are the key elements "of a successful implementation plan. A planning starts from developing a relationship between….Essay on search strategy.

Essay on search strategy

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A stepwise guide to efficient research using the Cornell University Library.

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By contrast, the phrase “digital strategy” is associated with a more diverse and inclusive set of terms, like pedagogy, market relevance, undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as online and residential learning experiences.

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