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Dpp unit2

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The following guidelines should be considered when applying rewards: The reward and recognition process should be equitable, transparent and merit-based. Where appropriate, there should be evidence-based data to support reward and recognition decisions.

The level of the reward should be commensurate with the achievement, level of performance or impact on the University. The reason for the reward should be clearly communicated firstly to the individual or team, and then to a wider audience where appropriate.

The type or form of reward given should be valued by, and meaningful to, the particular staff member s. For example, some individuals enjoy public recognition while others prefer private recognition in person or with a thank-you note.

Rewards are not allocated to circumvent promotion and reclassification processes. To ensure a fair and transparent approach within the University, staff may be recognised for the following exceptional contributions, including but not limited to: Excellence in teaching and research; Exceptional innovation or improvement; Outstanding community engagement; and Exemplary effort or achievement in the core areas of our people, processes, infrastructure and community.

Dpp unit2

There will be occasions when it is not possible to give the reward immediately, for example when applying for formal rewards.

In these cases, keep the staff member or team informed of your intention to reward them and the progress made towards arranging the reward. Planning, Development and Review discussions throughout the year are also ideal opportunities to reflect on achievements and determine whether a distinct reward or recognition activity will be appropriate.

Managing and leading complex initiatives smoothly and effectively. Demonstrated leadership in an important area e. Demonstrating creativity, imagination or innovation with clear results in either traditional learning environments or technology-based environments.

Exceptional innovation or improvement The development of a new idea, or improvement on an existing idea, that results in significant savings to the University. Taking a proactive and innovative approach towards finding solutions to business and workplace challenges.

Exemplary effort or achievement in the core areas of our people, processes, infrastructure and community Role-modelling a University value under difficult conditions.

What form can informal reward and recognition take and when might it be applied? Understanding informal rewards Informal rewards are a spontaneous, sincere and personal appreciation of an individual, team or group.

Informal rewards should be timely, i. Applying informal rewards Recognition Informal recognition that is immediate, sincere and personalised is one of the most effective means of acknowledging efforts and ensuring staff know their contribution is valued.

Consider the following suggestions that may be suitable means of recognition: Acknowledgement at staff meetings or other appropriate functions. Providing small appreciation rewards, e.

Dpp unit2

Arranging a personalised gift to celebrate a milestone or service anniversary. Development opportunities Consider offering development opportunities that are valued and meaningful to the staff member, and aligned to their interests, strengths and career aspirations. Selection to represent their local area at a meeting or attend as an observer.

The opportunity to attend an external conference or seminar. A chance to be involved in a special project. Mentoring or work shadowing opportunities. To allow, on occasion, a staff member to leave early in recognition of their efforts. Contribution towards professional memberships.The largest clinical trial to date to study lifestyle intervention for the prevention of diabetes was the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

9 The DPP randomized 3, overweight participants with impaired glucose tolerance and elevated fasting glucose from 22 sites in the United States to one of three interventions: intensive lifestyle intervention (ILS), metformin, or placebo.

THE candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, won this polling unit.

Oyetola, who cast his vote at Popo Polling Unit. Secretary to Treasury Ben Borolo asked Chapola to resign from his position just because his sister has cross path with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) – a clear case of retribution.

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