Children watch too much tv essay

I have three children under the age of 7, and they watch a lot of television.

Children watch too much tv essay

Children watch too much tv essay

Do children nowadays watch too much TV? I think nowadays children do watch much more TV than in the past.

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The number of bored children raised. After school a lot of kids don't know what to do because they have no friends or anybody to play with.

First of all, I think the biggest fault have the parents. Once there was usually someone at home like the mother because women didn't use to work. Another reason could might be that nowadays families are smaller.

There were a lot of sisters and brothers to play with and it was never boring.

Children watch too much tv essay

Secondly, nowadays families have much more money. In the past there were more family members and there was not really much money to buy computers, TV's or other electric stuff for your leisure time and if you had a TV there weren't much series for children. To sum up, children do really watch much TV.

Some kids don't have rules so they can do what they want or even get what they want. I think, watching TV can't even be healthy.

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So just send your kids outside and let them make friends. That's what all children really need. Eingestellt von Elena um.children spend too much time with screen media. On any given day, 29% of babies under the age of 1 are watching TV and videos for an average of about 90 minutes.

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Children and adolescents spend a significant amount of time watching screens each day - including televisions, gaming consoles, computers, tablet devices and smartphones. Children in the United States ages 8 spend on average hours a day with media and technology screens. IELTS essay topic.

Some studies suggest that children spend more time watching TV than they did in the past and spend less on doing active and creative things.

Effects of watching too much tv cause and effect essay Reality tv at the same as side effects confronted with sexual activity. Aug 10 signs you're like to become too much debt. Put his Tv in another area and have the kids doing things elsewhere. Good for you. I limit the time it is on and what is watched but kids do better without it.

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If it wasnt for the husband we would have no cable. Waste of time and totally not good things on there. I rarely watch TV ever.

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