British in fiji

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British in fiji

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel - Dutch explorer Abel Tasman is the first European to visit the islands. British rule - Fiji becomes a British crown colony at the request of Cakobau and other chiefs. Prime minister held hostage Image copyright Getty Images Image caption George Speight r declared himself acting prime minister May - Bankrupt businessman George Speight and retired major Ilisoni Ligairi storm parliament, aiming to make indigenous Fijians the dominant political force.

They take Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry and his cabinet hostage.

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Speight proclaims himself acting premier. President Iloilo commutes his sentence to life imprisonment. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Laisenia Qarase won a second term as premier in May but was deposed within months July - Supreme Court rules that Laisenia Qarase must include ethnic-Indian members of the opposition Labour Party in his cabinet.

He serves a few months of a four-year sentence. Fijian soldiers leave for peacekeeping duties in Iraq.

British in fiji

Ruling party leader and incumbent PM Laesenia Qarase narrowly wins elections and is sworn in for a second term. Military coup October - November - Tensions rise between PM Laesenia Qarase and military chief Frank Bainimarama, who threatens to oust the government after it tries, and fails, to replace him.

Mr Qarase goes into hiding as the crisis escalates.

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Commonwealth suspends Fiji because of the coup. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A soldier guards government buildings in December as another administration is toppled January - Mr Bainimarama restores executive powers to President Iloilo and takes on the role of interim prime minister.

Lifted again in October. Constitution repealed April - Appeal Court rules the military regime was illegally appointed after the coup and says a caretaker prime minister should be appointed to call elections to restore democracy. President Iloilo repeals the constitution, appoints himself head of state, sets a election deadline and sacks all the judges.

He then reappoints military chief Frank Bainimarama as interim prime minister. Martial law is imposed. He says that under the proposed changes, the ethnic-based system introduced in will be scrapped. Suspension from Commonwealth Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Political allegiances mirror ethnic divisions September - The Commonwealth fully suspends Fiji after the refusal of the military government to bow to demands to call elections by Critics say the eight did not have a fair hearing.

Commonwealth re-instates Fiji as a full member. Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama threatens long prison sentences for people he says are plotting to overthrow his government.Etymology. Fiji's main island is known as Viti Levu and it is from this that the name "Fiji" is derived, though the common English pronunciation is based on that of their island neighbours in emergence can be described as follows.

The Colony of Fiji was a British crown colony that existed from to in the territory of the present-day nation of Fiji. The United Kingdom declined its first opportunity to annex the Kingdom of Fiji in Fiji's prime minister has said the Pacific island nation is in "a fight for survival" as climate change brings "almost constant" deadly cyclones.

Frank Bainimarama said Fiji had entered a. Since there’s not much to do in Levuka, I spend a fair amount of time just walking about.

This morning, after my usual stroll down Beach Street, I continued south of town past the wharf and tuna plant to the Cession Monument, where the Deed of Cession, making Fiji a British colony, was signed by Chief Cakobau in British rule.

- Fiji becomes a British crown colony at the request of Cakobau and other chiefs.

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- Measles epidemic wipes out one-third of the Fijian population; British forces and Fijian chiefs suppress rebellion. - More than 60, indentured labourers brought in from the Indian subcontinent to work on sugar .

British in fiji

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