Analysis of an arundel tomb

More Analysis Stanza by Stanza First Stanza The first line sums it all up, split by a simple comma, here are the noble couple lying almost intimately but their identities are blurred, suggesting a lack of clarity in the here and now. They are nothing but dressed up stone now, male and female, stiff and pleated surely no sexual connotations here? Well, the small dogs at their feet could be a symbol of faithfulness, loyalty - man's best friend and all that - but already this speaker is having doubts.

Analysis of an arundel tomb

In the cathedral, he saw a monument to the fourteenth-century earl of Arundel and his wife that showed them lying together, hand in hand. The poem was finished on February 20, Larkin later discovered that the linking of hands that so caught his attention was a detail added long after the original had been completed.

It was the work of Edward Richardson, a sculptor who in the s reworked the memorial to repair damage it had suffered during the Reformation and the seventeenth-century civil war.

The two figures were not even lying together, but were placed on separate tombs. Larkin later commented with amusement on the historical inaccuracies of his poem, which do not affect the merits of the poem as a work of art.

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By building on the small detail of the earl and the countess holding hands, the poem becomes a meditation on death, the passage of time, and the enduring nature of love. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Larkin read and wrote poetry and prose with enthusiasm and regularity.

He was excused from military service because of his poor eyesight, and he graduated three years later with a first-class honors degree in English.

Analysis of an arundel tomb

In the same year, he was appointed librarian of a small public library in Wellington, Shropshire. It was heavily influenced by the poetry of W. Auden, and Dylan Thomas. In the same year, Larkin was appointed assistant librarian at University College, Leicester, and his first novel, Jill, was published by Faber and Faber.

Analysis of An Arundel Tomb An Arundel Tomb is a seven stanza poem, each sestet with full end rhyme and occasional half rhyme, the rhyme scheme being abbcac. This regular rhyming helps bind the lines together, keeps things formal and tidy. Introduction. Please note that most of these Brand Names are registered Trade Marks, Company Names or otherwise controlled and their inclusion in this index is strictly for information purposes only. ‘An Arundel Tomb: The Monument’ in the Otter Memorial Paper No. 1, published by the Chichester Institute. 2 A great deal has also been written about the poem itself, including – in the same publication – an analysis of the poem by Paul Foster.

A second novel, A Girl in Winter, was published in He began a draft of a third and then a fourth novel, neither of which he ever finished. In the late s, Larkin also circulated a poetry collection, titled In the Grip of Light, which was rejected by six publishers.

While there, he published XX Poems at his own expense. The year was a momentous one for Larkin. He became librarian of the Brynmor Jones Library at the University of Hull, located miles north of London, a job he was to retain for the rest of his life.

In the last decade of his life, Larkin wrote very little. In he declined the invitation to become Poet Laureate following the death of John Betjeman.


Larkin died following surgery for throat cancer on December 2,in Hull, England, at the age of sixty-three. At the feet of the earl and countess, some small dogs are represented. The speaker of the poem regards this detail as out of place, almost to the point of absurdity, although he gives no reason for this impression.

He implies that in their plainness, the effigies are typical of the pre-baroque era from which they come. Baroque refers to a more ornamental style of art and architecture that flourished from about to A gauntlet is a long glove, used in medieval armor as a defense for hand and wrist.

This detail surprises the observer and creates a sharp feeling of tenderness in him. Stanza 3 The speaker suggests that the earl and the countess could never have imagined that their stone forms would have endured for so long. They may have believed that the image of faithfulness between them the hand-holding was just a small detail that might attract the attention of friends.

The next line suggests that the holding of hands may have been merely an added touch by the sculptor who was commissioned to create the effigies.

Stanza 4 This stanza continues the idea begun in the previous one, about how the earl and the countess could not have imagined what would happen over time concerning their stone effigies. There may also be a hint of actual physical damage that exposure to the air over the centuries would cause the monument and the cathedral.

The next line refers to the social change that would take place: As social conditions altered and generations passed, visitors to the tomb would no longer read the inscriptions at the base of the tomb but would instead look at the two hands clasped together.

Stanza 5 This stanza describes the passing of time since the effigies were first made. The figures of the earl and the countess persist, unchanging through all the seasons.

The snows of winter come. Throughout the centuries, endless visitors to the cathedral have walked up the same paths, each generation different in appearance, clothing, and beliefs and attitudes from the one that preceded it.Phillis Wheatley - Introduction The illustration that Phillis Wheatley portrays in history is an African-American woman who wrote poetry.

Comparison between Afternoons and An Arundel Tomb Both of Larkin’s poems explore the loss of identity however they do so in different contexts. ‘Afternoons’ depicts the continuation of life and subsequent passing of time through illustration of changing roles from a relatively carefree character to a young mother who must fully adopt this new identity and the life changes the title entails.

Completed in February but not published until , when it appeared in Philip Larkin’s volume The Whitsun Weddings, ‘An Arundel Tomb’ is one of Larkin’s most popular and widely anthologised poems.

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