An essay on pen is mightier than sword

A small pen can help you achieve what a mighty sword cannot. The power of a pen is emphasized by way of this proverb. It implies that a pen is capable of achieving that what even a big sword cannot.

An essay on pen is mightier than sword

Learn to eat, to speak and to walk. Letter comes the time for school. School — this is the place where you are surrounded by teachers, friends and many yet unknown.

Later comes the time for the exam, which determines further human life. Meet them, and those who do not know yet where to enroll because of the passing of these examinations may be joining the many professions. I think the best preparation for the exams is positive, focused attention on education and things to be considered.

It is also subject to hire a teacher helping to improve the knowledge necessary for the examination. As I prepare for the exam as well as. In my opinion, student must learn to always, and not only came up during the exam.

However, I agree with the statement that examinations encourage more study, as nevertheless it our future.

Long and Short Essay on The Pen is Mightier than the Sword in English

Thirdly what I want to say is that higher education ensures better life. I think this statement is partly true, but partly not. Correct, in the sense, for you more you learn, you become a specialist in that field.

However, I look around we find not a single celebrity to not finish university, but their lives are better than people who have completed it. For example, Bill Gates. For three years he studied at Harvard but dropped signed a contract with IBM, has become a microsoft representative who is now one of the richest people in the world.

An essay on pen is mightier than sword

Finally, let me say that the school, exams, institution of higher education our future safe and only depends on us what it will be.The Pen Is Mightier Than Sword - Essay Rohit Agarwal Advertisements: There is a famous saying that the role of pen is mightier than that of the sword.

But unfortunately there are people who believe that the use of force is necessary. The pen expresses a personnel or public opinion.

Pen Is Mightier Than a Sword: A Short Essay On Power Of Writing

It stands for the press, literature, news-papers, books, and. “Pen is mightier than sword” Taken literally, the saying may seen to be contrary to common sense but the words ‘Pen’ and ‘Sword’ stand for ‘writer’ and ‘soldier’ respectively.

So it is clearly seen that a pen is stronger then a sword. Paragraph on ‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’ Category: Blog, Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On April 6, By Team Work “ The .

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ is a metonymic phrase meaning communication, thoughts and writing have more influence on people or events than violence, warfare and destruction does, the pen being communication, thoughts and writing and the sword being warfare, violence and destruction.

Pen is mightier because it gives good counsel, promotes cultural values and graces of life. Thus helping to remove Cob-webs from society. One the contrary, war . "The pen is mightier than the sword" is a metonymic adage, coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in , indicating that communication (particularly written language), or in some interpretations, administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, is a more effective tool than direct violence.

Essay on The Pen is Mightier than the Sword for Students