A varietes of english language

How many people speak English? As it is spoken in very different parts of the world it has become influenced by several social, political and cultural aspects, resulting in a language with loads of local variants. Despite the fact that English is an official language in over 60 countries around the world, there are only 6 countries where it is actually spoken as a native language by the majority of the population.

A varietes of english language

In North America, " " is sometimes used after a number for pounds of weight.

A varietes of english language

Depending on context, " " is also read as "number", "hash", or "hashtag", and telephone technologists call it an "octothorpe". In Canada, both terms are used interchangeably.

Numbers[ edit ] You might expect that numbers would be simple, since they always mean the same thing. The number 0 is spoken as "zero" or "oh" in all varieties of English, but Britons are also likely to use "nought" or "nil". When used in the score of a sporting event, British uses "nil" and American may use "nothing" or informally "zip".

Hardcore soccer fans and journalists in North America often use "nil" following British usage when discussing soccer or rather, "football".

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Tennis and cricket have unique readings "love" and "duck", respectively. For decimal numbers like 0. Americans often omit the leading 0, saying "point eight" and "point oh five". Most varieties of English informally count in hundreds up to 1, which is "nineteen hundred" rather than "one thousand nine hundred"; this is common for money or counting things, or when the number is understood to be rounded to the next hundred.

Philippine English is an exception; they prefer the more formal "one thousand nine hundred". Similarly, all varieties of English invariably group years, except for —, into two-digit groups. But Americans also apply this to street addresses and sometimes phone numbers or other sequences of digits, as well as some three-digit sequences like road numbers e.

I is "eye two eighty-five" and bus routes. Monetary amounts in the range of one or two major currency units may be spoken differently in the two main forms of English. In British, "two-forty" and "two pounds forty" are both commonly used. In British English, whole numbers of pounds or other currency units are spoken by their individual digits, especially in radio and TV advertising.

Different Types Of English | British Or American English?

But most other English-speaking countries formerly used the long scale, where a "billion" is 1,, a million million. In that scale, 1,, is either "a thousand million" or sometimes a "milliard". In the UK formally adopted the short scale, and most other countries followed suit, although some use of the long scale persists.

Most other European languages continue to use the long scale including in bilingual countries, e. Indian English follows the Indian numbering system; numbers are grouped completely differently, and spoken using words derived from Indian languages: In handwriting, numerals are written the plain way in North America: European handwriting puts the introductory swash on the top of the "1", making it look more like a typeset "1" and avoiding confusion with the capital letter I and with the lower-case letter L.

In continental Europe the swash can be almost as tall as the body of the "1", which few North Americans would recognize. In Canada, usage is mixed: Note that the long dates are also formatted differently, although with hardly any potential for confusion.Principal Translations: Spanish: English: variopinto adj adjetivo: Describe el mtb15.com ser posesivo, numeral, demostrativo ("casa grande", "mujer alta").

(con diversidad) varied, diverse adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house.": Francia tiene paisajes muy variopintos.

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Into brackets it's the original title. This list includes both English-language films that were based on previously released foreign-language films and those that were not based on any previous film, but merely share a common source material. French is one of Canada’s two official languages.

Although every province in Canada has people whose mother tongue is French, Québec is the only province where speakers of French are in the majority.

In , 7,, people in Canada (21 per cent of the country’s population) had French as. Different types of English “English spoken, American understood” is a sign I saw once hanging in a Scottish pub.

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