A debate about whether or not christopher columbus should be highly regarded

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A debate about whether or not christopher columbus should be highly regarded

I would label him as a villain because 1 he brought all these men on this long over seas voyage and lied to them when they aks if he was sure they were going the right way. My 2nd reason is when he got to this new land he left all these men there an took the gold of the natives that they probaly had 4 years.

I mean it dose not sound that bad right? Well when he came back a year later all his men were dead cause the natives killed them! Thats why i think columbus was a mean old villain! Columbus has been titled as founder of the new world for centuries.

Many think its true, but some people think otherwise. InColumbus sailed the ocean blue. This is how many children remember Columbus and his great discovery. They traveled from Greenland to Vinland Newfoundland.

Leif Erikson came to the new world centuries before Columbus did. There is my point, take it in well. Columbus does not deserve that title, and I think that is swell. Nobody would believe him because he was a Viking.

Columbus just found it second. Nobody would believe him though. So he was the real founder. But since the Vikings reputation no one did. So Leif Erikson is the real the real founder of the new world not Columbus. AND got credit for it!

You know what I mean. Leif Erikson has as much right to finding that country, as I do with loving Justin Bieber. Here are some reasons why. I would label him a villian because he has done more bad things than good. Also because he lied and slaved people to dig gold in his name!

C reminds me of a movie called The Theif Lord. He reminds me of the main character because he takes things without paying. There are all of my reasons.

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After talking with my group we all said he is a villain. Do you think he deserves to bea hero or a villain? If i had to choose a lable for christoper columbus it would be a villain for 1 he killed lots of people when wasnt even on his own land.

So if i had to choose it would be villain.

A debate about whether or not christopher columbus should be highly regarded

I hope i Change your mind if you thought he was a hero.Christopher Columbus’ voyage was funded by the King of Spain. Marco Polo’s travels were undertaken at the behest of the Khan of Beijing.

The free market almost certainly would not have led the way towards any of these discoveries because they required massive overhead and incalculable risks with no immediate prospects for returns.


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OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY. March Leaders of the Education Community, Americans overwhelmingly agree that diversity in our schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, and community organizations is enormously positive.

Mar 27,  · Persuasive Writing Assignment. Choose one (1) question to answer in paragraph form: Christopher Columbus has been regarded as both a hero and a villain since he did good and bad things in his days of exploration. This is “Media, Technology, and Communication”, chapter 15 from the book A Primer on Communication Studies Chapter 15 Media, Technology, and Communication.

and the content of the early magazines was not highly regarded.

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An emperor could be regarded as a divus (a deified human) but this was telescopes were very new and often quite primitive instruments and there was a debate about whether some of the things they observed were actual or some artefact of the process of observation.

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